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Joint Workshop DRS-7&14 projects in conjuction with the CoU meeting


Aligning the resilience-related research efforts

In the EU-DRS projects

Brussels, September 12-14, 2017

Following the initiatives coming from several DRS-projects and support expressed by the European Commission, this joint workshop has been organized with the goal to ensure collaboration and alignment among the projects, especially in the areas related to methods, guidelines and tools developed in the projects.
The challenges related to aligning experience, findings and lead to research in single project towards a ''common approach'' have been tackled during this workshop and the possibilities for joint practical actions examined. The format of the joint workshop started with a Plenary sessions devoted to alignment of:

  • Methods & Guidelines for resilience assessmen
  • Resilience Indicators
  • Tools, operationalization, application
  • International/global collaboration in the area of resilience involving international organizations (OECD, EU) and partners from USA and China (ytbc)

Program in a nutshell:
Registration, Introduction & Welcome

  • Session 1: Towards the aligned European Resilience Management Guidelines: How to achieve alignment and interoperability?
  • Session 2: Resilience assessment and indicators: How to define them? How to monitor them? How to implement them?
  • Session 3: Tools and methods for resilience operationalization
  • Session 4: Application cases: Where the newly developed methods, guidelines & tools have been implemented/analyzed?
  • Session 5: Importance of international/global cooperation in the area of resilience
  • Final discussion

September 14, 2017 14:00 - 16:30
Indicator-based resilience assessment for critical infrastructures - the Smart Resilience methodology and tools
A. Jovanovic & K. Øien






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